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Sewing & Design Studio


  1. How much are your children's & adult classes?
  2. -CHildrens classes are $75 due at the beginning of every month. there is a one time $10 registration fee at the beginning of every session.
  3. -Adult classes are $140 for your first month, second month is $110 and any time after your second month you recive a punch card for $100 this gives you 5 classes instead of 4 and you can use them any time and during any adult class and it never expires! (call ahead to make sure we are not filled during the class time you are trying to attend.)
  4. WHat happens if i can't make it to my class?
  5. -Make up classes are not always gaurenteed but we do try our best to make sure you get the most out of the classes. children get 3 makeup classes a year but again they are not gaurenteed due to the class sizes. we do ask that you try your best to be at your scheduled class time. 
  6. do i need to bring anything to my first class?
  7. -Children and adults are not required to bring anything to their first class. we provide felt for childrens first project which is hand sewing and Adults we provide 1 yard of fabric for you reversible tote bag which is your first project. at the end of class we discuss what you should bring for your second project depending on what your goals are for the class. 
  8. do you sell fabric, zippers?
  9. -we do sell fabric & zippers but we do not have a huge selection. we sell fabric and zippers for convience as we know life can get busy and you don't always have time to get to the fabric store for you or your child. for fabric we recomend Sew-fisticated fabrics in Dorchester. 
  10. who is with our children when we drop them off and how do we know they are safe?
  11. -Deanna is the owner and she is also a licenced child care provider with an associates degree. she has worked with children her whole life and is always aware of the childrens safety. she is also cpr certified. 
  12. if i sign my child up for a day of the week that does not have 4 classes that month do i pay the full $75?
  13. -at the beginging of every school year we map out each class to have the same amount of classes from september-june. you can check out our scheduled days off on our website. Scroll over "sewing classes" with your curser then scroll over children's and you will see "scheduled days off". no we do not have makeup for scheduled days off. yes we do have makeup classes for weather premitted days off which we schedual during school vacations for children.
  14. if i sign my child up for class in the middle of the month do i pay full price? 
  15. -no we will prorate your tuition. plus your one time $10 registration fee
  16. how do i pay my child's tuition?
  17. -your child's tuition is due the first of every month. it will be $75 plus any additional fabric or zippers that may have been purchased while in class. you can send you child with cash/check, pay with a card in shop, and soon i will be accepting PAYPAL we ask that you let us know if your child will not be attending the following month before their last class so we can sell his or her spot.   

48 Franklin St Quincy Ma 02169