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In Stitches

Sewing & Design Studio


  3:15-4:15  3:15-4:15  3:15-4:15  3:15-4:15  3:15-4:15  9:00-10:00
  4:15-5:15  4:15-5:15  4:15-5:15  4:15-5:15  4:15-5:15  10:00-11:00
  5:15-6:15  5:15-6:15  5:15-6:15   5:15-6:15  5:15-6:15   11:00-12:00

Regular Class Schedule

No experience is necessary to take classes.  All students learn at their own pace.  Classes are one hour per week, and run after school and on Saturday, (see schedule below). Class tuition is $75.00 per month, due the first week of every month.  The regular class schedule runs from September to June.  You may start at any time as we will pro-rate your tuition depending on what week of the month you begin.  Classes are billed monthly by e-mail, and most of our students continue to the end of the year, although it is not required.  You may stop attending at any time, we only ask that as a courtesy you inform us so we may sell the spot to someone else.  At the time of registration, you will choose a class time that works for you, (ex.  Thurs at 3:15-4:15), pay for your first month of classes plus a one-time registration fee of $10, and that will be your class day/time until the end of the month, at which time you will be billed for the following month plus any fabric charges on the account, (We are not a fabric store but we do offer fabric for sale for the convenience of our customers at $6 per/yard.  Students are encouraged to buy their fabric from wherever they like.)  If you want to return, pay the tuition and fabric charges and you keep the same class spot, if not just pay your fabric charges.  Students don't need to bring anything to their first class, and will need to bring a 1/2 yard of fabric to their second class.  Space is limited, register early!

Children's Sewing Classes

     At In Stitches, we've spent 15 years teaching children the art of sewing.  Sewing provides a creative outlet for children, and it is the joy of our business to watch children tap into their imaginations and let their individual fashion senses come alive!  We have been blessed to have taught over 1000 children to sew from all over the South Shore